5 Photography Tips to Boost Your Instagram Marketing


5 photography tips to boost your Instagram Marketing

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5 photography tips to boost your Instagram marketing :

Your Instagram page is one way to make a great first impression on any potential customer. And the best way to make an amazing first impression is by taking great photos and videos.


Keep in mind that no amount of filtering or editing will save a photo that is poorly lit. Use natural light whenever you can, except in cases where you have access to the right kind of lighting settings. If you're shooting outdoors, the best times are the early morning and late afternoon.

Use your eyes

Before you take out your phone and start taking photos, take a moment to really take a look at what's going on around you. Use your eyes to structure the photo in your mind. Don't just take out your smartphone and start taking photos.

What is the background of the photo? Is someone about to walk in front of your subject? Is there anything nearby that might mean taking this photo in a different location would be a better idea? Take some time to observe your subject, surroundings, the lighting, and everything else that is happening before you start clicking.

Use technology

Instagram provides a variety of filters and editing tools. There are also third-party apps that enhance your smartphone's camera capabilities. There is nothing wrong with using apps and tools to take great pictures. Most smartphones have some kind of photo adjustment function built into their cameras.

They typically include tools that allow you to cut, change, alter lighting and contrast levels, increase or decrease saturation, add shadows, shadows, and reflections, and create long exposure effects.

Move around your subject.

The smartphone camera lens absorbs light differently compared to a traditional camera. By looking at your subject through your phone as it moves through a complete circle, you will see how changing the direction of its light sources can uncover some fantastic effects and amazing results. You'll start to see opportunities that didn't happen before when you picked up the phone and clicked an image.

Change your point of view.

Shooting from above or directly from the ground can result in more interesting images and look different. Photos that stand out are shared. This is how a single photo on Instagram can go viral, gain hundreds or even thousands of followers, and help you draw attention to your business.

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