Small Intro About Me?

Hi, myself Sayan Ghosh, the founder of  Cloudconexon.com 

I am fascinated by the Internet since 2019 when I was exposed to this magical world. I just love to know about the new digital products and services. Digital Marketing has a vast scope and lots of opportunities in this online world. There are tons of  Digital or SAAS products out there in the market and as the Digital marketing industry envelopes, SAAS products are also becoming more popular as well as significant. So, this is why I help people to make better software buying decisions by constant learning something new every day and share my knowledge with you Guys.  

How It All Started?

Well, So far, I remember I used to watch videos about How to make money online. Though there are different kinds of videos out there 2 things, I find very common 1. YouTube 2. Blogging. See, I am actually quite introverted and don't want to face the camera, so I just jumped on to this Blogging line, Now as we all know that there are two best platforms for Blogging 1. WordPress 2. Blogger. Initially, I started with Blogger, but you know the theme you get in blogger is not good enough to satisfy your creative urge. Yes, you might think right then I go with WordPress, But as a Beginner, we don't have enough funds, right? When I started Blogging, I was just 20. So less money, no experience! I took the wrong track. I create my WordPress blog with Null plugins and GPL themes. As expected, there are lots of errors and unwanted problems, and My hosting Oh God! I pick a FREE hosting provider, and Whenever I load my site, It shows a server error 6 times out of 10. After this, I realised that if you Don't invest a good amount in your WordPress website, you can't grow. But till this point, I did not earn even a single penny and I lose hope as well. Then after this, One day, I watch A YouTube video about a Blogger who earns decent money using the Blogger platform. So, I again decided to start, but I want to start with the old school method this time. I know that Blogger is hosted on Google cloud that means hosting is free and super fast, but the problem is customisation. I searched for different Blogger themes, but nothing can compete with WordPress and then the magic happens. I found this magical theme. It's probably the best Blogger theme in the world. So my website theme is Median UI this time; I don't make the same mistake that I am using now; it's not a pirated theme. I Bought this theme, and I legally own this theme, right. I booked the Domain called cloudconexon and integrate it with this website; that's how Cloudconexon.com was created. And till now, it's doing great!

What type of content you find here?

Our Blog Niche is Digital Marketing and SAAS product review related. Here you can find content about SEO, Social media, Email Marketing, Blogging, eCommerce, WordPress, and Web security stuffs like  VPNs, Password managers, Cloud storage, Antivirus, Security keys etc. 

In the end, I just want to say THANK YOU for reading this story and giving your precious time to us.

 Sayan Ghosh 😊🙏