How To Create A Killer Campaign With Google Adwords

So you started advertising on google and Now you wanted to know How to create a killer campaign with google adwords and here is the article for you

How to create a killer campaign with Google Adwords


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How to create a killer campaign with Google Adwords :

Google Adwords is the most successful pay-per-click advertising program on the Internet. Thanks to Google Adwords, millions of people can advertise their products, services, and websites for as little as a penny per click.

However, the most important part of Google Adwords can run a successful campaign with the highest possible ROI each month, requiring months of training and learning.

Here are some tips you learned from successful Google Adwords campaigns that you can use to boost your success:

Always bid on long-tail keywords.

Because that's where the real money is. Short keywords like "music" have the most competition, and no small advertiser can bid higher than current advertisers because each click can cost up to $ 10. That makes it impossible to make a profit by bidding on those keywords. There is another problem, most people searching for "music" on their own are not really interested in buying music, but in listening to online radio or searching for some albums.

On the other hand, if you bid to "buy music online", the competition will be smoother and the bids much lower, and the CTR and conversions higher because that's what people are looking for, to buy music. All your keywords must have three or more words, especially the words "buy", and "buy", and "order."

Never bid on negative keywords like "free", "trial", and "test."

Because the people who search for it are not really interested in buying music, but simply try some music or try it. They are not really interested in buying. If you use the exact phrase match, then there is nothing to worry about such keywords; however, if you're not using the exact match, filter out all these keywords and see your CTR and conversions go up.

Always show the Google search engine that you are serious and always include the price in the ad.

For example, you can type "for only $ 4.97 you can get" so that the searcher knows that they will have to buy to get it if they click. This will always result in a higher ROI for the advertiser because it alienates storefront shoppers who only look around and alienates curious clicks from people who don't really know what they will see if they click on the ad.

Of course, you will have fewer clicks per impression and maybe even drop a position or two in the ranking, but what's even better because most people who click on the first ad don't actually buy anything. In contrast, if they go to the next ad, they are more likely to buy because they already know what to expect from that ad.

Run a separate campaign for the content network

You should always run a campaign for the search network and another for the content network because user behaviour is totally different, and so will the prices. The content network has much more traffic than the search network, so clicks will be much higher even if the CTR is lower. However, the content network has the highest click-through fraud rate, so you can decide whether it is worth continuing to advertise there or not with a separate campaign.

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