6 Amazing Ways To Earn Money From Your YouTube Videos

YouTube provides so many opertunities to earn money online this 6 amazing ways to earn money from youtube video blog helps you to know this better
6 amazing ways to earn money from YouTube videos

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6 amazing ways to earn money from your youtube videos:

 YouTube is really a fascinating thing as well as popular as well. Nowadays, almost everyone wants to make money from it. And that's why it becomes important to know the revenue sources from where you can make big money from YouTube. 

Run ads

Ad serving is a safe method of monetising your live video stream. There are two types of video ads: In-Stream (linear video ads) and In-Display (non-linear video ads). Ads that are shown before the video are called linear video ads, while non-linear ads are those that viewers see at the same time while watching the video.

Ads are a great way to monetise your video content, but it's tricky. You need to play the ad, get the viewer to click on it, and at the same time make sure the viewer doesn't get bored and leave your live stream. Also, major platforms like Facebook and YouTube have different regulations for streaming videos and running ads.

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Subscriptions / Pay per event

The other way to make money from your videos is to get your audience to subscribe or pay for your video. You could release a teaser, giving the audience a taste of what's to come. If viewers want to see more, they must subscribe to your page or pay for the video. Streaming platforms like Vimeo Live and IBM Cloud have subscription features built-in.


A recent Deloitte Global study found that "donations are also an emerging element of the business model for other live streaming platforms, including platforms used for streaming video games." Many live streams ask their fans for donations and give them virtual gifts in return.


Setting up an affiliate program is a sure way to monetise your video stream. However, it may take time to establish and deliver the benefits you expect. The best part is that you can passively earn money once you have it set up as your video becomes more popular. The most common affiliate network, which 90% of YouTube channels use, is Amazon affiliate. it is simple and easy Click here to join and maximise your affiliate revenue [CLICK]


If your live streaming channel is popular, then you can confidently approach the biggest players on the market for deals and sponsorships. Brands are not showing up to sponsor your video feed; you need to take the first step and reach out to the right people. However, when you are doing that, make sure you stay within your niche. The theme of your video must be following the brand that sponsors you.

Sell your products

Live videos are a great opportunity for subconscious selling. For years, marketers have been using this technique to sell products and services to their audience. 

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