Omnisend Review 2024- Best eCommerce Email Automation Tool

If you are an eCommerce store owner then you should use email marketing to boost your sales and for that Omnisend will be a Perfect choice to start.

omnisend-review-2021-bes- eCommerce-email-automation-tool
Omnisend Review 2021


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Omnisend Review:

 Hey, So if you have an eCommerce website or an online brand and you know the benefits of email marketing, then the next big question in your mind could be selecting an email automation tool that can skyrocket your sales. Okay, so here is the solution I wanna give You.

"OMNISEND" there are tons of email automation tools out there in the market, but why OMNISEND? Let's check out.

So, We will check OMNISEND's credibility through these 9 points. After this, I assumed that you are convinced enough to gain a higher clarity.

Features :

👉 Here You can leverage Your email list to its full potential by automating the email shooting process.

👉 You can build beautiful email templates.

👉 Create marketing funnels with OMNISEND is very easy.

👉 This tool helps you to do customer segmentation, product analysis, customer retention analysis.

👉 Knowing your customer lifecycle stages helps you to understand their purchasing mentality.

👉 Web push notifications help your customer to make constant contact with your website.

👉 Quick popups are one of the best ways to collect leads.

👉 Sending direct SMS to your client's mobile number can majorly boost up your sales.

👉 OMNISEND's built-in audience sync enables you to dynamically sync contact segments into Facebook and Google for more effective ad targeting.

👉 Easy to understand non-cluttery clean dashboard.

Ease Of Use :

If you used any other Email automation tools before or it's your 1st time, it does not count. OMNISEND's Dashboard is simple to use, and within 1 hour, you can figure out all the kinds of stuff. A unique thing that they have launched was hiring an expert feature where you can hire someone who can assist you in setting up your e-commerce store. 

Omnichannel Appeal :

Now it's interesting OMNISEND is the only email automation tool that gives you the power to market through 5 channels. 1. of course email, 2. SMS, 3. Google custom audience, 4. Facebook custom audience, 5. Web push notifications. Now you might think, what about others?

Mailchimp = Email, Google custom audience, Facebook custom audience (3)
Mailjet = Email, SMS (2)
Convertkit = Email (1)
Aweber = Email (1)
Constant Contact = Email (1)
Hubspot = Email (1)
Campaign monitor = Email (1)

Well OMNISEND wins this match fair and square.

Integrations :

OMNISEND has more than 70+ tech partners, which are actually intelligent apps or web services that integrate with your eCommerce store and maximise your profit. Some web services they have partnered with are 29next, big commerce, alloy, AfterShip, Cart hook, Coopt, Easy ship, e-link, Rush, ship station, Shopify, Woo-commerce, Shopify plus, Zipify, and lots more here I give you the link so that you can read all the pieces of stuff [ CLICK ]. OMNISEND allows you to select these web services according to your needs like customer support, loyalty, email capture, payments, quizzes, reviews, surveys, referral programs, subscription, social media, influencer marketing, one-click installs, clicks, sales.

Migrations :

Hey, not don't need to freak out. Migrations in OMNISEND are Very fast, easy, and secured. You can easily migrate your Mailchimp data in the OMNISEND account, or you can always sync your MailChimp data with OMNISEND. They have made a blog post and video about migration. Here is the link; just have a look. Check out more information [CLICK]

Affordable Pricing :

Pricing plans are really affordable considering the features and stuff they have offered.🤑

💰 Standard plan = $16/m

💰 Pro plan = $99/m

💰 Enterprise plan = Custom pricing

All their plans are based on 500 subscribers/contacts in your subscribers increased, then the pricing also increases.

I suggest you buy yearly plans as here you can save some extra money as for example :

Standard plan = $16/m * 12 = $192/ y but if you select the yearly option then you need to pay on the Sandard plan = $13/m * 12 = $156/ y that means (192-156) = a straight $56 discount . So, my recomendation is also with the yearly option if you wanna start.

OMNISEND also has a Free section, but my suggestion is not to go with that as it sets a significant limitation on your creativity to For a starter pack, it goes with the Standard plan with a yearly discount.

But if you can afford and want to unlock all features of OMNISEND, then I will definitely suggest you go with the PRO plan( yearly subscription) $80/m *12 = $960/year

💥 So, considering Average market pricing, which is ($9 - $16), OMNISEND's $13/m is justifiable.

Support :

Okay, so OMNISEND provides a 24/7 live support option. They gave you 3 main choices to talk with them 1. email support, 2. facebook messenger support, 3. in-app chat. And you know the fun fact? You can export all your conversations for your further requirements.

Also, there helps centre feature suggests an appropriate blog according to your query. Finally, check out the support page [ CLICK ].

Trust Worthy :

Well, that's right, considering the money part and features, it's a good option, but if you still have any trust issues, then it's normal to have. OMNISEND is a newcomer in the email marketing space. It started in 2014, but it's not a slowpoke. On the contrary, it constantly evolving with a stunning 98.96% year-on-year growth and have a satisfied customer base of 50k+ customers globally.

And you know what Big companies like SAMSUNG, UNILEVER, HALLMARK, JIGGY, FABER-CASTELL, DUKE CANNON, LAKERS STORE, INGLOT CANADA, SHOPIFY are relying on them. So, why not you give it a try?

Free Knowledge :

Well, here is something extra for you .. OMNISEND provides free Podcasts, which you can listen to on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google plays music, and off-course on the Web browser.

There are some Ebooks that you can download for free to boost your knowledge. They have also offered Free courses; you can enrol in them as well.

💬 Pros and Cons :


👍 5 channel support

👍 Flexible pricing

👍 Easy to use interface

👍 No pain Migration

👍 Plug and play integrations

👍 Excellent customer support


👎 Only Cards Payments accepted, no PayPal.

👎 Omnisend doesn't allow you to convert purchases from different currencies into your native one.

💡 Conclusion :

Considering all the Facts and Figures, OMNISEND is a Great Email automation tool. Specially design for eCommerce and un-doubtable pickup for your Online store Success and Growth.👌 

Hope you find this OMNISEND review helpful, and for further queries, you comment down in the comment section; I'll be happy to help.😉

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