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Are You a Creative Profession love Designs then Canva is for you. Why? To find out your answer Read this Canva Review article.

Canva Review 2021


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Canva Review 2024 :

Guys, If you are a Creative Professional like a YouTuber, Blogger, freelancer, or Social media Influencer, you must hear about Canva. But for those who are not from these fields and now wish to go creative, or you just don't know about Canva. Then let me tell you It is the Best, Easiest and Most Fun to use Deginer software that you have ever experienced. I personally start using Canva in 2018, and to date, I never feel to change or complain about it. So, let's begin the Review and See why Canva is awesome.

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Creative Freedom :

Canva allows you to create any design, whatever thing you want. Starting from Logos. Posters, Business cards, Flyers, Resumes, Presentations, Wedding Invitations,  Gift Certificates, Printed Mugs, Brochures, Canvas Print  Book Covers, Stickers, Labels, T-shirts, Photo Books, Facebook Posts, YouTube Banner, Instagram Post and too many other kinds of stuff with just simple Drag and Drop.  And trust me, All these looks like Professional work.

Security :

Canva respects your Security. They keep designs secure in transit and at rest. In transit, designs are only accessible via TLS/SSL, and at rest, designs are encrypted with AES256. Their people and systems can only access the data they need to do their job, and we store your designs with cloud providers who have top-tier physical security controls. Don't confuse these technical pieces of stuff in simple words; just relax; you and your Degines are safe with Canva. They also Run Bug Bounty Programme. For more information, click here, [CLICK]

Pricing :

At first glance, you feel like it's a bit costly, But when you start using Canva, you just realise that it's more you Get than you Pay.

Canva Provides Five Plans - Free, Pro, Enterprise, Education, Non-profits.

💰 Pro Plan = Rs. 999/mo But if you bill annually, then Rs. 741.66/mo total  =   Rs. 8999/y

💰 Enterprise Plan = Contact Canva For Pricing (Custom Pricing)

💰 Education = FREE For Educators

💰 Non Profits = FREE For Nonprofits

🤑 Although Canva gives you a FREE option (with Restrictions), I recommend you go with Pro to unlock all Canva features and use it to its full potential.

Support :

In terms of Support, You get only the FAQ section and Email support. Unfortunately, Canva Does not provide Live chat support.

💬 Pros and Cons :


👍 Easy to use. Just simple Drag and Drop.

👍 Professional level Design.

👍 A great selection of templates to select from.

👍 The ability to download your design as a png, pdf, jpg, SVG, even MP4 video or gif.

👍 Affordable Pricing.

👍 Group collaboration on projects. Easily save and send for comments from the team.

👍 In-built Presentation Mode: I've used the functionality thrice; it is far more interactive and sleek than traditional office presentations.

👍 It allows for people with limited graphic design skills to produce something sharp and clean.

👍 User-friendly interface.

👍 The mobile app is also great to use.

👍 TONS of pre-created "elements" for us like illustrations and shapes to give your graphics more attractiveness.

👍 Smoothly works on Windows, MAC, Android, IOS.


👎 Litte issues in Zooming Feature.

👎 The search functionality in the font selections is not great.

👎 No live chat Support.

👎 Canva should have more stock photos and videos. It should add a lot of [3D] designs too.

💡 Conclusion :

Look, If you are a Creative Professional, Whether it's a YouTuber, Blogger, Freelancer Or Social media Influencer, you should definitely try Canva. You will not regret your decision. Before investing your money, try 30 Days Free Trial of Canva.

Hope you find this Canva review helpful, and for further queries, you comment down in the comment section; I'll be happy to help.😉

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