Top 10 Tips For The First Day Of Your Blog

So you started blogging and you want some tips for that then this top 10 tips for first day of your blog article will be a great pick for you.
Top 10 tips for the First Day of your Blog


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Top 10 tips for the first day of your Blog:

The journey to achieving a goal begins when you take the first step. That is a popular and appropriate quote for the new blogger. The first step for any job is always significant, but what is the easy way to start.

Buying the domain and hosting and installing WordPress is very easy and does not generate much money. But what are the next steps? What are the end results of blogging in your mind? There are ten things to think about on the first day when setting up WordPress on your domain. ( For a Domain buying guide, you can check out this blog post CLICK )


Let's think you have completed the investigation
Before buying a domain, there are many things to consider. But in this article, it is considered that you already bought it:

Select a particular group of people with problems that you can solve.
Always think about the people who will give traffic to your blog, not the topics. Select a field in which you are fully qualified and proficient.
Search your blog's main topic to find related blogs in your field.
You can consider the top 10 blogs from Google search results. Subscribe with them to receive their updates, and you just need to follow their strategy to improve your blog.
Read free tutorials.
Don't hesitate to learn more and more because you are not always perfect.

Technical tasks for your blog
There are five things to consider before writing a single post.

Place the participation forms.

You would have read most of the time. You cannot start building your subscription list until you configure the subscription forms. You can also use Google Form for this.

Create your "About Us" page

The "About Us" page is the most visited page of any site because most readers are interested in reading about the author. This page should include what this blog is trying to offer visitors, what fields you are an expert in, and describe your story.

Take this page as a sales letter to show why your visitors follow you and your sites. If you have great things, they will possibly hit your blog daily.

Create a contact page

After creating the "About Us" page, you need to create your key page or content page where WordPress will display each post. It should have the following things:

Contact information.
Gather all your contacts online, social networks.
Contact Form.
Sometimes the reader wants to get in touch with the blog owner. Then a contact form can serve you better. 

It is important, and also, you need to know that except for this About us and Contact us page, there is also three more pages that a Blogger should have in their blog, and they are Privacy policy, Disclaimer, Terms and Condition page. Now here is the fun part I provide a website link to you. You just need to click here and fill in some information about your blog on this website; that's it with; in 1 min, you get your privacy policy or disclaimer page, then you just simply copy and paste it on your website, and all this does not take single money from you. (it's FREE) 

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After gathering the most important things about your blog, now is the time to create content.

Select your categories

You must select a category for each post, so keep your categories organised; it is useful for readers and search engines.

You should create a category page that shows the entire file sorted by categories. You can do it very easily in WordPress.

Make your main articles.

The main articles represent the masterpieces of your blogs. These posts always get the most of your blog traffic, and other posts get traffic from them too. You can also make a list to highlight them that will remain on the content page.

Make a list of posts.

Once you've selected your categories and masterpiece articles, start thinking about the list of posts that really fill your blog and get fit within the categories. You can take a special time to research the list.

To help make this list, do keyword research to determine which topics are the most searched among people.

Create an edit timeline

It involves making the timeline for writing and publishing your blog posts. This planning will help you maintain more than one blog at a time.

This step is not very important, but it will keep your mother creating blog posts.

Write a lot of posts.

For the first time, you need to collect a few posts to post at the same time.

Make your funnel scheme.

It involves planning how you want to engage your reader on your blog; for example, the reader needs to subscribe after reading the posts.

The last word

I think you may be in the first step of your blog. These steps are beneficial for both first-day bloggers and any old blogger.


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