How To Write Content For A Blog Post

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How To Write Content For A Blog Post


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How to write content for a blog post :

Content is the only reason readers will visit your blog. They won't see the template again or look at your photo, they want new high-quality posts, and they want them now.

Learning how to write great content is very important to the success of your blog because a blog with no content will have no readers, but a blog with thousands of articles will have traffic and readers with money almost forever. Writing great content isn't just about writing like you're on a college exam; it's learning to write for the internet.

Here are some guidelines for writing high-quality posts:


All your posts must obey the basic SEO rules, which means that your articles must have the right keywords in the right place and in the right amount, not too many and not too few.

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Rich in keywords.

Articles are judged on the keywords they contain. Try to write keyword-rich articles with a keyword density between 2-3%; this is the best keyword density ratio, as stated by Ezine Articles in their official article marketing course.

Follow Google guidelines.

Your posts must meet Google's guidelines, or they won't rank as high. Don't write fraudulent content with too many keywords, don't write articles simply promoting a website with too many links, don't write big or small articles, keep the word count between 400 and 700 words. Wikipedia articles are the exception in ranking so high with such large articles.

Try to write every day.

Google and readers love new content. If you don't have a blog updated every day, update it 3 times a week. Your content should be as up-to-date as possible. Writing daily becomes easier as time goes on, as it trains the brain and fingers to write faster and for longer.

Write only about legal issues.

It goes without saying that if you write about negative topics, you will stay off Google and see the police come to your door.

Avoid immoral topics.

Topics like casinos, gambling, adult content etc., are not the best topics to write about, as there are many scams for these topics. Google doesn't love that kind of content, and you can get links from fraudulent websites that will only lower your ranking in search engines. Write only on good topics.

Avoid topics that are not famous, like history.

Topics like history are not searchable and have very little financial value. Instead, write about business, insurance, loans, credit - anything that says money has money. These are the most searched topics, and both search engines and people love them.

Write about evergreen topics as they will have traffic and searches forever.

For example, if you write about the news, the topic will only be valuable for a few hours, maybe a few days at best. However, if you write about science or facts, that topic will have traffic almost forever unless your competition starts writing about those topics and manages to rank higher than you.

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