6 SEO Rules For Every Beginner

Just hear about seo or a fresh beginner then this 6 seo rules for every beginner article will grt your job done


6 SEO rules for every Beginner

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6 SEO Rules for every beginner:

Search engine optimization is a very important part of digital marketing. Here are some facts about search engines that a digital marketer should know about.

Most users click on the first 5 search results:

According to the latest research, 75% of users click on the first 5 search results displayed by the search engine. To be more precise, 32% of users click on the highest result compared to 18% of users who search for the second result. This statistic clearly shows that the higher the ranking of your website, the more visits you will get.

Users do not typically scroll past page 1:

Only a mere 20% of users are persistent enough to scroll to page 2 of search results. So if your website is on page 2, you need to work on your SEO and digital marketing strategies.

Mobile-optimized keywords are the need of the moment:

About 50% of users start their searches on a mobile device. When people use their phones for a search, they tend to use different keywords. Additionally, when searching for local businesses, 88% of searches are initiated on a mobile device.

Mobile SEO and local businesses:

As we mentioned before, users tend to search for local businesses on their smartphones. The number of smartphone users is increasing year by year, so it is very important to plan your keywords according to the increase in mobile searches.

Websites with more pages are likely to attract more traffic:

The number of pages on a website directly influences the amount of traffic it generates. It simply reflects the importance of the relevant keywords.

About half of the search queries are 4 words or more:

It's a clear fact that short keywords will help you appear higher in search results. But at the same time, it is very difficult to rank for those keywords because short keywords are very competitive. So instead of looking for short competitive keywords, you should use longer ones effectively.

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