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TubeBuddy Review 2021


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TubeBuddy Review 2024 :

Are You a YouTuber, or Do You want to start your YouTube Channel? Then this Tubebuddy tool is just perfect for you. Believe me or not, almost every YouTuber uses this tool. (One crucial thing I want to tell you at the beginning of the Review is that this tool offers both FREE and paid Plans; most of the reviews I read didn't mention the fact that everyone does not need to buy this tool. Look, if you create content that is different from others, let's say UNIQUE ( your original or one of its kind) like Comedy sketches, then you don't need to buy this free extension will be enough. But if you are someone whose content is very similar or common content like Phone reviews, or Youtube news, then Paid plan is best for you. The actually paid plan offers you more advanced features to sustain when the competition is really tough.)

By the way, if You are new to youtube and want to know different ways to make money through youtube, then this article is for You. [CLICK]

What Is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a SAAS tool or a Chrome extension that helps you grow your YouTube channel by providing valuable data about keyword research, Publish technique, Optimizing Title- Tags and Description, Search Rank tracking and Promoting content. And you know What? TubeBuddy is YouTube certified. That means It is a trustworthy product.

How to install TubeBuddy?

It is really a simple task; just go to TubeBuddy's official website and click on the add to chrome extension option. That's it.

πŸ‘‰ For your convenience, here is the official TubeBuddy Website link : [CLICK]

Features :

TubeBuddy offer lots of features. But Here I am highlighting The most useful and important features. If you want to know each and every feature of it, then just Click here. [CLICK]

Keyword Explorer :

This feature helps your videos to rank higher. It also helps you to find long-tail keywords.

Insta Suggest :

This thing suggests more popular and rankable tags in real-time when you type.

Tag Ranking :

This helps you to see instantly where your video ranks in search results for each tag.

Auto Translate :

This feature translates your video title and description into other languages to increase global viewership.

Competitor Score Board :

It helps You see how you compare with the competition in views, subscribers, uploads, and engagement. It also gives you a printable report showing data about you vs your competition that you can export to CSV. 

Demonetization Audit :

It makes sure that you don't use any words in title tags or descriptions that cause Demonetization.

Search Insights :

This feature gives you deep insight into subscriber count, like dislikes for videos ranking for the given search term.

Health Report :

It gives you data about Demographics, Search traffic, Related videos and Watch time. It also helps you to discover what's working and what's not working on your channel.

Channel Backup :

This feature protects you by backing up all your videos metadata. All the metadata are stores in Excel or Google Docs.

Retention Analyzer :

This feature helps you to understand the time duration that your subscriber likes to spend on your videos.

Pricing :

TubeBuddy offers 4 plans if we include a FREE plan. Other than that, it is - Pro, Star and Legend. 

πŸ’° Pro Plan Pricing = $ 9/mo

πŸ’° Star Plan Pricing =$ 19/mo

πŸ’° Legend Plan Pricing = $ 49/mo

But you can reduce this pricing and save (20%) simply by selecting the Annual billing. Annual  Billing pricing plans :

πŸ’° Pro Plan Pricing = $ 7.20/mo

πŸ’° Star Plan Pricing = $ 15.20/mo

πŸ’° Legend Plan Pricing = $ 39.20/mo

πŸ€‘ And if you have less than 1000 subscribers, then you get 50% off. That means (20% off in annual billing + less than 1000 subscribers 50%) Total = 70% off, and Now the price you need to pay is $ 3.6/mo * 12 = $ 43.2 for a year. As a Beginner, this will be a great kick start to your youtube journey.

Click here to see a Full Comparison of all these Pricing plans : [CLICK]. And if you are still confused, then here is a small suggestion from my side. If you are just started and are a beginner, then the Pro Plan will be enough for you. If you hit a sudden point where you become a mature YouTuber, but growth is stuck, then Choose Star Plan. Last if You are in a Super competitive Niche, they just go for Legend Plan. Among all these plans, I personally like the Star Plan because it is the most value for money option, in my opinion.

Support :

In terms of Support, TubeBuddy provides Four options Virtual Live chat, Knowledge base, Submit a ticket and Smoke Signals.

Learning :

If you want to know more about Youtube and TubeBuddy, then you can follow them on YouTube.
They also have A Blog section and Podcasts.

πŸ‘‰ TubeBuddy Youtube Channel Link : [CLICK]

πŸ’¬Pros and Cons :


πŸ‘ TubeBuddy is a must for any YouTube creator; its Extension is more famous than application. The best use of this tool is Keyword Research, and it's even free. Not just this, TubeBuddy come with a bunch of features that are designed to get success in the YouTube Channel. It has many amazing features like showing Tag ranks, Live subscriber count, filtering the comments, Tracking the video etc.


πŸ‘Ž Although it claims that it is compatible with every browser, it faces difficulties operating with other browsers except chrome.

πŸ’‘ Conclusion :

So, in the end, I just want to say that If you are Serious about your youtube journey and make your mind to take this thing to the next level, then no doubt TubeBuddy is absolutely perfect for you. Download TubeBuddy and experience your YouTube growth Today.

Hope you find this TubeBuddy review helpful, and for further queries, you comment down in the comment section; I'll be happy to help.πŸ˜‰

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