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McAfee Antivirus Review 2021


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McAfee Antivirus Review 2024 :

Before jumping into the review, I want to talk about some important topics regarding this. So let's begin with some questions. When we hear about antiviruses, there are so many things that come to our minds. Questions like Do we really need an antivirus? What antiviruses actually are? Is windows defender not strong enough to protect our pc? Does mac or Linux users need an antivirus? What's the difference between a paid and a free antivirus? Does an antivirus slow down my pc? Does a mobile user need an antivirus? Which one is the best antivirus in the world?

Do we need an antivirus?

Yes, we need an Antivirus to protect our PCs from Viruses. But there are two cases when you don't need an antivirus. 1. If you don't use the Internet. 2. If you don't use any external drive like a pen drive or card reader, import or export your files from your computer to other devices.

What antiviruses actually are?

Antiviruses are basically a Software programme that runs in your computer system through codes and helps you find out malicious codes that are also known as viruses.

Is windows defender not strong enough to protect our pc?

Yes, your Windows defender is capable enough to protect you from viruses, but most people use Pirated windows where security is already compromised. A person who uses any Licensed version of Windows and stays up to date is out of the Risk zone.

Does mac or Linux users need an antivirus?

No, but If someone wishes to have one, then there is nothing wrong. Look, The 90% pc market is dominated by Windows, so hackers or scammers make most of the viruses for Windows systems, and this is one of the main reasons other systems are already out of their target spot.

What's the difference between a paid and a free antivirus?

First of all, don't download any kind of unknown free antivirus. If you wish to download, then always go to its official site. The main difference between a free and a Paid one is extra features like VPNs, password manager etc. The free version does not provide this feature, but the premium version takes care of its customers pretty well.

Does an antivirus slow down my pc?

No, But if you download more than one antivirus on a single PC, then it will.

Does a mobile user need an antivirus?

No, the Android version is more stable and secures than Windows, so don't do unnecessary panic.

Which one is the best antivirus in the world?

The real answer to this question is ALL. Yes, you read this right all antiviruses are great, whether it is Bitdefender, McAfee, AVAST, Quickheal or Kaspersky. So, yes, you can use any reputed antivirus; they don't disappoint you. Now you can ask Why I am Reviewing McAfee only? It's a personal taste, and as you read the title, McAfee is the world's most popular Antivirus; these are only 2 reasons for reviewing this.

Features :


With Premium Version of McAfee, you Get a FREE VPN service called McAfee Secure connection. You don't need to pay anything after you buy McAfee from amazon; you just need to download this VPN, install and enter the product key. It will activate automatically. It is good For a normal user, but if you want an advanced VPN, you should try Nord VPN. Read the full review of Nord VPN here. [CLICK]. 

👉 McAfee Secure Connect Website link : [CLICK]

Password manager :

McAfee also provides you with a FREE password manager known as a McAfee True key. Again it is not the best option if you want Best in class Password Manager. Check out this article. [CLICK]

👉 McAfee True Key Website link : [CLICK]

Other most important features are Browser security ( McAfee make sure that you stay safes while you are on the internet by blocking the malicious sites), App Boost, Secure Apps,  Home network protection, Web boost, File lock, Tracker remover (the most useful thing is it helps you to remove all the tracking cookies ) and of course Virus scan.

Pricing :

Now McAfee pricing is a little bit complex. I tell you why.  If you go to McAfee's official website, then you can see three pricing plans. 1. Individual 2. Family 3. Multi-device.

💰 Individual Plan ( 1 Device, 1 Year Subscription) = Rs. 999/-

💰 Family Plan ( 10 Device, 1 Year Subscription) = Rs. 1999/-

💰 MultiDevice Plan ( 5 Device, 1Year Subscription) = Rs. 1499/-

👉 McAfee Official Website link : [CLICK]

But I will not suggest you buy this from the McAfee website; instead, You should purchase it from Amazon simply because it is a cost-effective alternative.

McAfee in Amazon Pricing: (Product key will be delivered through Email within 2 hours)

💰 McAfee Total Protection ( 1 User, 3 Years Subscription) = Rs. 1499/-

💰 McAfee Antivirus ( 1User, 3 Years Subscription) = Rs. 610/- 

💰 McAfee Antivirus ( 1PC, 1 Year Subscription) = Rs. 305/-

💰 McAfee Total Protection ( 1 User, 1 Year Subscription) = Rs. 699/-

💰 McAfee Mobile Security  (1 Device, 1 Year Subscription) = Rs. 131/-

🤑 As you can see, Amazon provides you with many options; other than this 5 there are also more options available. But I recommend you buy McAfee Total Protection ( 1 User, 3 Years Subscription) = Rs. 1499/- this is the best option of all. But if you can't afford to buy any expensive one and just want a simple antivirus, then McAfee Antivirus ( 1PC, 1 Year Subscription) = Rs. 305/- will be more than enough for you.

Another big benefit to you is when you buy from Amazon, you can pay through any payment option such as UPI, Paytm, G-pay, Netbanking, Debit And Credit card. But McAfee official site accepts only Credit Card with enabled international payment.

Now a prevalent question that you can ask is Why that much price gap between the Official site Vs Amazon. No, Don't worry, it's not fraud; the simple reason is Convenience. Let me explain. If you Buy Mcafee from the Official website, you just need to go to the official site, select plan, pay and install the Antivirus done. But when you buy from amazon 1st, you need to go to amazon, select plan, pay, Antivirus product key will be delivered, then you need to go to the Key activation site of McAfee then you need to create an account and place the key after activation you can download the software, and also you need to activate the free VPN and Password manager separately with the provides the key. That's it. All this process takes almost 1 hour. After that, Both were the same.

👉 The Key activation Site link ( Here you just need to create an account and then place your product key) =  [CLICK]

Support :

McAfee provides FAQ support, Social media, Community Support, and email support in terms of Support. But One thing you need to keep in mind is that all this Support works for those who buy through the official site of McAfee. Amazon Buyers can't take the support benefits. Still, I recommend you to go with amazon one because you Don't actually need any support, and most of the information regarding this is freely available on Google and YouTube.

💬 Pros and Cons :


👍 Quick installation and easy set-up.

👍 Inexpensive multi-user plans.

👍 An extensive range of features

👍 User-friendly Dashboard

👍 The Mobile version is also available.


👎 VPN is not really effective.

👎 The browser extension does not work properly.

💡 Conclusion :

Yes, it is a recommended antivirus. I personally use it. If you are a Windows user who uses the internet a lot, Download different things from the internet, then you should think about your safety, and for that, you should Buy McAfee. Simply click here and Buy McAfee Antivirus Software today to protect your PC.


Hope you find this McAfee review helpful, and for further queries, you comment down in the comment section; I'll be happy to help.😉

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