Convertkit Review 2024 - Most Useful Tool For Email Marketing

Are you a Affiliate marketer and want a Email autoresponder then Convertkit is for you. Why? Find out you answer in this Convertkit review article.

Convertkit Review 2021


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Convertkit Review 2024 :

Guys, If you have an Online Business but don't use Email Marketing, you really miss out a lot. According to some Business reports, I am passing this statement because the money you Gain through email marketing is at least 2x more than the money you spend on this. Sounds interesting, right? And that's why there are lots of Email Automation tools exits in the market. But today, We only talk about Convertkit. So, let's Begin.

What is Convertkit?

Convertkit is an Email Automation Tool. In simple words, it helps to send bulk emails. Look, If you don't know how Email Marketing works, you may think that what is its use? We can send emails on ower own just like we mail others. Unfortunately, that is not the real case. In email marketing, you need to send personalised emails to your email subscribers. Now just imagine you have an email subscriber base of 10000 people. But all subscribers are different then; how do you send a different mail to everyone simultaneously? And that's why you need something like Convertkit.

👉 Small suggestion if you Don't know how to make your email subscribers to your customers, then just click here to read. [CLICK]

Features :

Like a typical email automation tool, Convertkit helps you send bulk emails in personalised formats. But except this, there are so many different uses of email automation tools. With Convertkit, you can create Landing Pages, Email option forms and many other things; let's discuss them one by one.

User interface :

Convertkit Dashboard is quite simple and user friendly. As a newbie, you don't feel any difficulty.

Landing Pages :

After the Email marketing thing, the most essential thing an Email automation tool can provide is landing pages. Landing pages are basically a kind of single pager website the performs only two tasks 1. Display information about the product or service the company or the person has to offer. 2. Collect information (Email id, Name, etc.). Convertkit provides different kinds of free landing pages, but frankly speaking, they are not really good looking.

Signup forms :

Signup forms basically help you collect your customer's email id and name, but it does not display any information unless like the Landing page. The only purpose is to collect emails. Again just like Landing pages Convertkit also provides different kinds of email signup form templates; you just need to simply drag and drop to customise.

Integrations :

Convertkit offers you to connect it with your eCommerce website, such as Shopify store. But I personally recommend don't use Convertkit if you are an eCommerce website owner. Look for Bloggers and Affiliate marketers Convertkit is Great. But if you are an eCommerce Website owner, then I will suggest You use Omnisend Instead of Convertkit. Omnisend is by far the best Email autoresponder for eCommerce websites. Here is a detailed review link of Omnisend click here to read.[CLICK]

Pricing :

The pricing plans of Convertkit are simple. They provide three plans - FREE, Creator, Creator Pro.

Creator Plan (1000 Subscribers) =

💰 $ 29/mo [Monthly Billing]   or    $ 25/mo [Yearly Billing] Total = $ 290 /y

Creator Pro (1000 Subscribers) =

💰 $ 59/mo [Monthly Billing]   or    $ 50/mo [Yearly Billing] Total =  $ 590/y

As a Beginner, You can start with a FREE plan, but later, when you complete your 1000 Subscriber or want more features, you need to shift to Creator Plan. You need to keep in mind that all these prices of Creator or Creator pro are based on 1000 subscribers; when your subscriber increases, you need to pay more as well. If you ask my suggestion, I recommend you go with the Creator plan simply because of the Features. Specially Automated funnels and sequences, this feature is not available in the FREE plan.

Support :

In terms of Support, Converkit provides Live chat Support, Forum support, FAQ section, Articles and Email Support.

Comparison :

In this comparison, I only highlight the things which Converkit provides but others don't. But If you want a full comparison list, then you just need to click here. [CLICK]. Our first competitor is Mailchimp.

Mailchimp: Full Comparison link. [CLICK]

❌ No subscribers Tagging

❌ No Single-window editing of automated emails.

❌ No Link triggers

❌ No function to stop Automatically process duplicate subscribers.

❌ No function to handle Multiple forms per list

Aweber: Full Comparison link. [CLICK]

❌ No Broadcast resend button.

❌ No A/B testing feature.

❌ No function to stop Automatically process duplicate subscribers.

❌ No Single-window editing of automated emails.

Active Campaign: Full Comparison link. [CLICK]

❌ No Broadcast resend button.

❌ No Single-window editing of automated emails.

Mailer Lite: Full Comparison link. [CLICK]

❌ Bulk actions on broadcast open.

❌ No Single-window editing of automated emails.

Drip: Full Comparison link. [CLICK]

❌ No Built-in landing page builder with templates.

❌ No Form-specific opt-in incentives.

Infusionsoft: Full Comparison link. [CLICK]

❌ No Drag and drop email templates.

Learning :

As a beginner, you don't have enough experience and knowledge; that's why Convertkit provides you with learning opportunities through Podcasts, Knowledgebase, Blog-articles, how-to guides, Their community access.

💬 Pros and Cons :


👍 Fantastic Support Team (on Paid Plan)

👍 Automation Funnels Are Easy to Implement

👍 Templates for Landing Pages are Beautiful, Customizable, and You Don’t Need Your Website to Host Them.

👍 A landing page feature lets you build a stunning page to maximize your revenue

👍 Useful analytics feature – you always know what percentage of your subscribers received or opened your emails

👍 Conditional tagging for segmentation


👎 The ConvertKit starting price is higher than most other email providers.

👎 Templates for Forms aren’t that impressive and not that customizable.


💡 Conclusion :

Yes, it's a recommendation for an Email marketing tool. But before investing your hard earn money, try a 30 Days free trial of Convertkit Premium, or you can start with a FREE plan. Whatever you want, Just don't wait. Start Today!

Hope you find this Convertkit review helpful, and for further queries, you comment down in the comment section; I'll be happy to help.😉

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