Yubico Security Key Review 2023 : Best Security Key In the Market

Are You a YouTuber, Blogger or Creative professional then you should keep your digital assets secure from hackers with Yubico Security key.

Yubico Security Key Review 2021


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Yubico Security Key Review 2023

Before starting the review, let me clear your doubt. You may think, what is this security key, and why do I need this? So, according to google language, The key is nothing but a unique combination of alphanumeric characters. But in general, when we are accessing the Internet services from an android phone, the security key will be displayed as the password for activating the services. Confused? Well, It's simple. It's just a key that helps you to unlock your device. And now it's time for the second one; why should I use this? So, for this question, I have two Points Number 1. Almost we all have the tendency of forgetting our passwords, right? But don't worry. If you have a security key, it just simply unlock your device very easily and smoothly. Point number 2, as we all know, we live in a digital age, and cyber crimes are increasing day by day. If you love privacy and hate hackers, then a Security key is for you. Without your security key, no one can unlock your confidential data, NOT EVEN YOU! That means you are safe Now.

Installation Process :

Installation is effortless. You just need to follow these simple steps to get your job done. So let's begin.

Step 1 - Open your Gmail account

Step 2 - Open your google account

Step 3 - Click on your account is protected

Step 4 - Click on  2 Step verification

Step 5 - Click on 2 step verification settings

Step 6 - Fill in your account password

Step 7 - Scroll down and click on the security key option

Step 8 - Click on the external security key option

Step 9 - Lastly, simply enter your security key in your Pc/ laptop or if you use it on mobile, enter it in your USB port. If your Mobile supports NFC, then just simply place it on the backside of your mobile and hold for 1 minute; that's it.

Pricing :

Well, pricing varies from model to model. I selected 4 models for you Guys.

The first 2 are with NFC, and the Last two are without NFC :

  1. YubiKey 5C NFC ( Mobile ) = Rs. 7897/-    [Click Here To Buy]

  2. Yubico - YubiKey 5 NFC (PC/Laptop) = Rs. 6897/-   [Click Here To Buy]

  3. Yubico YubiKey 5C (Without NFC  Mobile ) = Rs. 6000/-   [Click Here To Buy]
  4. Yubico Security Key  (Without NFC PC/Laptop) = Rs. 4250/-   [Click Here To Buy]


๐Ÿ’ฌ Pros and Cons :


๐Ÿ‘ This Security Key add an extra super-strong security layer to your important digital assets such as Gmail, YouTube Channel, Facebook account, Website etc. And also, if someone stole your Laptop or Mobile, they can't access it without your security key.


๐Ÿ‘Ž If somehow you lost your Security key, then it becomes almost impossible to recover your account.

๐Ÿ’กConclusion :

Look, If you are an owner of a YouTube channel, Blog, Website, and believe that your documents or files are too confidential to leak, or You just a simple person who loves to stay super secure, then this thing is perfect for you. 

Hope you find this Yubico Security Key review helpful, and for further queries, you comment down in the comment section; I'll be happy to help.๐Ÿ˜‰

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